I Have Been Photographing Alps For 10 Years

My name is Roberto Bertero, I am a mountain photographer and a professional musician (a classical organist) based in Turin, Italy. I have been shooting mountains since 2007, but my love for those pristine places has always been part of me.

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Being born in the region of Piedmont (whose name literally means “at the foot of the mountains”), before I even begun my hiking/alpinist activities, my own imagination as a child was already up there, wandering around those wild alpine areas. To me, the Alps have always represented: adventure, grace, freedom, and mystery. I would say all elements that can help inspire an existence.

The act of conquering a summit for me doesn’t make any sense if it is not part of a complete alpine experience, like living the mountain at all hours and being able to solve problems related to the survival on the spot (find water, prepare a shelter for the night, etc). Because, in my point of view, only this elements have an authentic charm, and can transform what could be just a sporting activity in a complete life lesson. There is no “conquest” in the mountains, there is only inner search, desire to liberate oneself, focusing all senses on what really matters in life.

I am distressed by the Italian disinterestedness towards everything that makes culture and valorization of the territory. Most of the time local societies do not have money, and whoever has some funding always invests in the usual clichés. Such a waste of potential.

“Oh mia patria, sì bella e perduta!” Giuseppe Verdi (Oh my country, so beautiful and lost!).

I would change things if only I could!… but I’m just a small person with ordinary resources, one like so many. All I can do is to focus on the real natural beauty of my country and, possibly, when I can, portray it.  I want to close with a quote from the film Seven Years in Tibet by great director Jean-Jacques Annaud, who perfectly synthesizes also my vision of the mountain.

“Then, tell me what you love about mountain.”

“The absolute simplicity. That’s what I love. When you’re climbing your mind is clear and free from all confusion. You have focus. And suddenly the light becomes sharper, the sounds are richer and you’re filled with the deep, powerful presence of life”.

May I add something more? I guess no. Here you are some shots that I hope can offer an idea of my own journey, both physical and photographic, undertaken during the last 10 years. Thanks for watching and for stopping by!

More info: robertobertero.com

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